Monday, June 7, 2010

Rolling Over!

Look what Carley has been doing from back to stomach and stomach to back!!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great time in Houston visiting family and friends! Just wish we could have stayed longer! Madison got to swim everyday, go out on the boat, and play with some of her cousins and Kirra!! Carley got to meet lots of new people including her two new bff's Payton and Addison!! Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Random Pictures!

Madison loves to put all her stuffed animals and baby dolls to sleep. Of course they all have to have their own blanket!

Last day of school! They had a petting zoo and bounce house. She had such a great year we will miss school this summer!

Cody's 30th Birthday!

Madison and I had so much fun making some fun birthday surprises for Daddy. First we finger painted a sign for him. Well actually Madison just kept putting more and more colored in three spots and all over herself. We had lots of fun though. Then after a bath, to get off all the paint, we made cupcakes. The best part for Madison was eating them!!

Enjoying a night out with no kids!


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