Thursday, February 16, 2012

December 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas! The girls must have been really good this year! At school we had a Christmas program. Carley's class sang Jingle Bells, well sort of. Madison's class sang Happy Birthday Jesus and she did a wonderful job. She loves to be on stage and perform!!

Carley eating a lemon from the kitchen that Santa brought!

Carley's favorite gift!!!

Is he not the cutest thing ever!!!

Carley loved passing out presents this year!

My whole world!

Madison singing Happy Birthday Jesus at her school program.

October 2011 & November 2011

I am way behind on blogging so I am going to do a huge picture update!!

The kids performing songs for us at Thanksgiving. They were adorable!!

Two of my favorite people in the world! (Aimee & Melissa)

Mimi with the girls at Nanas during Thanksgiving.

Heading to the farm

Heading to go bowling for the first time!

Daddy helping Madison. She loved it!! Carley loved dancing to the music!

Leaving for Dance Dynamics Christmas Party. Madison looked so grown up!


Fall Festival at school. Madison is having a great year! She loves her teachers and is learning so much! Both girls favorite part of the week is Wednesday at chapel. It is such a joy watching all the kiddos praising the lord!!


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