Saturday, April 25, 2009


Madison loves to dance! It is too cute, sorry it is not up and down. I will work on it next time.

Jack's shower

We had a shower honoring Mr. Jack Northcutt this past weekend. We had a great time and all enjoyed taking turns holding him. You forget how small babies are, only being a couple weeks old. The smell and the noises they make just touch your heart.

Melanie, the mom, is one of my best friends, and a great mother too. It was fun to watch Ava (Mel's other child), Brady and Madison playing together. Or maybe it is just playing around eachother at this age.

Shelley & Brady, Aunt Katie & Madison and Me

Hannah Montana!

Yes it is true we saw the movie Hannah Montana! While Clare "Gi Gi" was in town we took Madison to the movies for the first time. We went to a 2:30 showing so there were not too many people there. She did really well until the last 20 minutes and she just wanted to go up and down the steps over and over again. It was actually a really cute movie.

Popcorn check, Sippy cup check! Ok ready for the movie to start.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jaxon / Ethan B-day Parties!

We had two birthday parties over Easter weekend! Very busy and fun weekend!

Ethan blowing out the candles!

Of course Madison has to help open the gifts.

Madison hugging Avery!

Bow is gone, boy that was fast!

About to leave for Ethan's birthday. Notice the bow is in!

Watch out Madison her comes the birthday boy, Jaxon!

We finally meet Ava Esparza!!


Uncle Brent teaching Madison to drive, haha! Madison loves to sit in cars like a big girl. She will just walk up to cars and try and open the door. We are going to have to watch her!

Cody took Adam to the farm and he caught his first fish!!!

Mommy and Daddy got me a stroller for my baby that Mimi got me!

Poppie and Madison!!

Look I actually have a bow in my hair!!!

Once Madison understood what to do she really liked Easter egg hunting! Next year will be really fun because we can actually hide them instead of just putting them in the middle of the yard.

Rebecca and Adam came with us and we had a great time!

Swimming is hard work, it makes you soooo thirsty!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Stephanie's Red Raider Hat

Playing patty cake with Mimi

Uncle Steven teaching her how to play golf

Telling us all about the stick she found.

Well I have not done a good job of updating this blog as much as I thought I would. March was a fun month and I have put up some random pictures for everyone to enjoy. Check back soon because we have a busy next two weeks with two birthday parties, Easter, visits with both sets of grandparents, and a baby shower!!


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